In the upcoming election to replace George Santos in the United States House of Representatives, Democrat Tom Suozzi and Republican Mazi Pilip will try to convince voters their opponent is an extreme candidate who is out of touch with the district.

"I have supported every single piece of gun violence prevention legislation in the United States Congress and I have an F rating from the NRA," Suozzi said in a virtual press conference on gun policy.

Suozzi, the former Democratic congressman seeking to once again represent the Queens and Nassau County district, is using gun policy to try to make his Republican opponent look too extreme to voters.

"My opponent is endorsed by the Conservative Party that is against 'red flag laws,' as hard as that is to imagine — against any common sense gun violence prevention legislation. All of it," Suozzi said.

What You Need To Know

  • National party campaign committees released television advertisements Wednesday in the New York 3rd Congressional District special election
  • Democrat Tom Suozzi and Republican Mazi Pilip are trying to convince voters their opponent is too extreme for the district
  • The Republican advertisement is part of a $1 million purchase, while a Democratic spokeswoman said its spot has a seven-figure budget behind it

Meanwhile, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a new advertisement, called "Whisked Away," that calls Pilip a "part of the extreme wing of the Republican Party that wants to take away your rights and benefits," like abortion and Social Security.

Pilip's campaign manger said she opposes a national abortion ban and cuts to Social Security.

Pilip spoke about gun policy in an interview with Spectrum News NY1 last week.

When asked about preventing school shootings, she said there are "already policies in place that we have to make sure that we coordinate between the federal and state government."

And she favors an assault weapon ban, saying that while she respects the Second Amendment, she does not support automatic weapons.

"Suozzi will do anything to try to deflect attention away from his dismal record of working hand in hand with Joe Biden to open our borders to illegal and unvetted migrants," Aidan Strongreen, Pilip's campaign manager, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the migrant crisis, illegal immigration and crime was the focus of a new National Republican Congressional Committee advertisement saying Suozzi is among the "open border radicals," citing a remark he made about kicking U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement out of Nassau County.

"A crisis on our border, murder on our streets because of radicals like Tom Suozzi," the advertisement called "Radical Suozzi" says.

A senior Suozzi campaign advisor said the former congressman worked on a bipartisan solution to immigration that "strengthens border security and treats people like human beings."

"Pilip's immigration position is a complete sham — she offers incoherent generalities dictated by party bosses who would rather play politics than address the real crisis, and she is too uninformed and unprepared to even show up to debate the issue," Kim Devlin, a Suozzi advisor, said in a statement.

Both national party campaign committees are throwing big money behind these television advertisements. The Republican advertisement is part of a $1 million purchase, while a spokeswoman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said its spot has a seven-figure budget behind it.