New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been accused of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed Wednesday night.

In the suit filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York by one woman, she accuses Mayor Adams of sexually assaulting her in 1993 when they both worked for the City of New York.

The filing also names the NYPD Transit Bureau and the NYPD Guardian Association as defendants.

The three-page summons doesn't provide any detail about the alleged assault.

The lawsuit was filed hours before the deadline for the Adult Survivor's Act takes effect.

At an unrelated event Thursday morning, Mayor Adams denied the claims.

"It absolutely did not happen. I don't recall ever meeting this person. I would never harm anyone in that magnitude. It did not happen. It's going to go its course, it's going to take its process, but it did not happen. It's not who I am and it's not who I've ever been in my professional life. It's something that never took place."

The defendant is seeking no less than $5 million.