Security in the city remains high as New York and the rest of the world grapple with the ongoing war in Israel.

Since hundreds of Israelis were shot or kidnapped by Hamas terrorists over the weekend, the NYPD has increased patrols and surveillance around synagogues and mosques.

What You Need To Know

  • Mayor Eric Adams and city officials are boosting security around protests and religious institutions, including mosques and synagogues
  • The city has told members of impacted communities to be aware and alert
  • There are no threats at this time, but city officials say New Yorkers should stay vigilant
  • More than 1,900 people have been killed on both sides of the Israel-Hamas war, including 1,000 in Israel alone, with the death toll expected to rise

Officials say there have been no threats, but they remain alert.

“You saw us out there. Sometimes you didn’t see us out there. You saw our uniform out there. We kept it as as peaceful as we could. And we’ll continue that posture. We had minimal incidents to report,” said Chief of Patrol John Chell on Tuesday.

In the days since the attacks, there have been some clashes between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel supporters.

City officials say they are monitoring the clashes and social media closely.

“We’re very good at this. We’ve done it a lot and we will continue to do it and we will monitor social media. And we will adjust accordingly,” Chell said.

Mayor Eric Adams noted that social media could be used as a tool of harm amid the heightened emotions in the city.

“We are really monitoring sites and we are using a very sophisticated intel team and we are extremely conscious that there are those that could exploit the situation,” Adams said.

The mayor added that social media platforms need to be held accountable for their harmful actions.

Adams also said synagogues should have a dedicated individual to be on alert for suspicious activity.

“This is really an opportunity. We have to be on high-alert. We cannot let our guards down. We cannot believe that it happened thousands of miles away in Israel,” Adams said.

The mayor also noted that every New Yorker should be alert at this time.

Separately, Adams said his administration is looking at other ways of providing help to Israel, including potentially sending surplus COVID-19 supplies.

Adams said that on Monday he had a phone call with the mayor of Jerusalem, the mayor of Tel Aviv and the president of Israel to offer his support.