Mayor Eric Adams on Thursday spoke with local officials and business owners in Mexico, aiming for stronger ties between New York City and the country.

During his Latin America trip, he said he aims to learn more about the route that many asylum seekers take to get to the United States.

After visiting the Puebla's ornate state congress building, Adams told reporters that New York is over capacity.

“We are neighbors. We are familia. Mi casa es su casa. Your struggles are my struggles,” Adams said inside the legislative chamber.

“[Migrants] are our future and we cannot lose one of them,” he continued.

He then directly told reporters New York “has no more room.”

“Our hearts are endless, but our resources are not," Adams said. "We don’t want to put people in congregate shelters. We don’t want people to think they will be employed.”

In his address to Puebla’s state congress, Adams emphasized the role of New York City’s migrant community throughout the pandemic.

“During COVID-19 it was your children that kept our stores open, the first responders, transportation professionals, healthcare professionals,” he said. “We survived COVID because your children were in our city.”

Adams also presented several remarks at an economic and policy forum in Mexico City. He was also part of a one-on-one conversation, where he talked about economic development and the migration crisis.

He then traveled to Puebla, where he was presented with a number of accolades.

He addressed lawmakers and reporters in an effort to spread the message that the city is over capacity.

He also received an honorary degree from a local university in Puebla.

Adams will next travel to Ecuador to meet with local and national officials.

He will then travel to Bogotá, Colombia on Saturday. During Adams’ trip in Colombia, he will visit the Darién Gap, a 60-mile dense rainforest that is considered one of the most treacherous parts of the route for migrants. It is a crossing between Colombia and Panama.

Adams said he’s taking what he’s learning from those countries to “further expand our knowledge.”

“So I must go back and be a voice to use my platform on a local level with the national government and call on the United Nations and international leaders to deal with this global migrantship,” he said.

Adams is expected to travel back to New York City on Sunday.