Some City Council candidates in southern Brooklyn say there was increased interest in their campaigns this past holiday weekend.

After all, they are in their final month of campaigning. Primary Day is June 27.

What You Need To Know

  • Primary Day is June 27
  • Early voting begins on June 17
  • At least two City Council districts will be open seats: central Harlem and southern Brooklyn
  • Also on the ballot are primaries for Queens and Bronx district attorneys

But there and in other districts, including in lower Manhattan, it’s often still work just to get the word out.

Early voting begins on June 17 for nominations for City Council, district attorney for Queens and the Bronx, district leaders and other offices.

In many heavily Democratic districts, the primary is more important than the general election.

Candidates and their teams have been reminding voters there’s an upcoming election, promoting their platforms and explaining ranked-choice voting.

The system allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference.

If their first-choice candidate is eliminated for having too few votes, they could still be helping to elect the ultimate victor as their second, third or subsequent choices.

After bungling the reporting of the results in 2021, City Board of Elections leaders say they are ready for this race.

“The Board of Elections began its months-long rigorous testing processes last week, which will be ongoing until we ship voting equipment in mid-June,” Vincent Ignizio, the deputy executive director of the board, told NY1.

For City Council, there are 17 Democratic primaries, six Republican ones and one Conservative Party race.

At least two districts will be open seats: one in central Harlem and the other in southern Brooklyn.

Seventeen City Council incumbents are trying to fend off challengers.

They are currently serving just a two-year term, thanks to a quirk of the New York City Charter.

Council candidates are running again for a two-year term. They will return to running for four-year terms in 2025, when the mayor’s race is on the ballot.