Saying that the media is largely ignoring his message, Mayor Eric Adams on Monday launched an initiative that will allow him to communicate directly with New Yorkers about city services.

“I don’t know who is the columnist and who is the reporter. And by the time I speak at a press conference and then I read the story, I say: ‘were we at the same press conference?’” Adams said on Monday at an unrelated press conference when asked about his new initiative.

Looking to take back the narrative about his administration, the mayor is now going to talk directly to New Yorkers. Through a new communication initiative, Adams is hoping to shed light on some of the highlights of his tenure.

What You Need To Know

  • Mayor Eric Adams on Monday launched an initiative that will allow him to communicate directly with New Yorkers about city services

  • The newsletter is meant to highlight city services in different issue areas like transportation, business, health and education

  • The launch of the new initiative comes right as the Mayor is set to deliver his second State of the City address, where he will layout future priorities of the administration and previous policy wins

“You can report a distorted version of what I say… I want to speak directly to the people of this city,” said the mayor, seemingly referring to the way local media has covered his policies. “So that we can communicate, give them accurate information, make sure they are informed of all the resources and services.”

Adams noted that his administration has secured critical wins in his first year in office that don’t get enough media attention like childcare funding and an Increased earned income tax credit.

New Yorkers can sign up for the emails online. Some areas of interest include transportation, housing, health, social services and business.

Adams made the comments at an unrelated press conference aimed at helping struggling small businesses.

“I’m going to be surprised if you guys even cover that we did this $75 million allocation,” said Adams, referring to his launch of the NYC Small Business Opportunity Fund.

The communication initiative is set to launch this week and be funded up to $75,000, according to sources in City Hall.

Adams’ battles with the media have followed him since before he took office. He has regularly pushed back when questioned about his leadership style and policy priorities.

Some notable tussles include his hiring and firing practices, his Brooklyn residency, and the housing of asylum seekers.