For the second time this week, two of Dan Goldman’s opponents in the 10th Congressional District’s Democratic primary joined forces to condemn him.

On Monday, it was Assembly Member Yuh-Line Niou and Rep. Mondaire Jones. On Friday, Council Member Carlina Rivera and former city Comptroller Elizabeth Holtzman held a joint press conference to denounce the former federal prosecutor and urge voters to vote for one of the women running in the race.

“Liz and I are urging you to vote, to vote for reproductive freedom, for abortion access and for someone who knows where they stand on these urgent issues,” Rivera said.

But neither candidate was to drop out of the race and coalesce support to avoid splitting the vote and clearing the way for Goldman.

What You Need To Know

  • Carlina Rivera and Elizabeth Holtzman urged voters to back a woman in time when abortion rights are under siege

  • Yuh-Line Niou and Mondaire Jones earlier this week jointly called Goldman wrong for the district

  • None of the left-leaning candidates have gone further and dropped out to endorse each other

And while Jones and Niou charged that Goldman is too conservative and compromised for the district, Holtzman and Rivera were in Lower Manhattan to allege that his stance on abortion rights hasn’t been scrutinized enough.

Goldman responded hours later at the same plaza: “I have been unequivocally clear that a woman has a 100% right to choose and that the decision of whether to have an abortion should be solely between a woman and her doctor and that the government should have no intervention.”

Goldman, who served as counsel to House Democrats during the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump, made the case for his candidacy.

“As a lawyer, the only client I’ve ever had is the American people,” he said.

Goldman last month said he misspoke when he told Jewish news outlet Hamodia that he would not object to what the reporter described as a state law barring abortion after the point of fetal viability if the mother’s life is not threatened.

NY1 put the question to him more directly on Friday, asking, “Do you believe in any exceptions to abortion?”

Goldman responded, “I don’t believe that there should be any law that puts any restrictions on abortion.”

Meanwhile, Rivera and Holtzman bristled at the suggestion that by failing to consolidate the vote, they’re undermining their stated goal of keeping Goldman from office.

“You’re asking the wrong question,” Holtzman told a reporter. “Why shouldn’t the guys drop out? You’re asking the women to drop out? That’s wrong.”

Early voting is underway through Sunday. Primary day is Tuesday, Aug. 23.