It’s being called the clash of the titans for a reason.

“We need to send strong women to Congress who know the issues, have the experience and have a record of getting things done,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney told NY1 on Monday.

“I think voters know of my role in protecting democracy, which is the most important thing,” Rep. Jerry Nadler told NY1.

What You Need To Know

  • Upper East Side Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the House Oversight Committee chair, argues a woman must be sent to Congress to fight for abortion rights

  • Upper West Side Rep. Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee chair, notes his fight to protect democracy and role in the impeachments of Trump

  • Suraj Patel, who's run twice before against Maloney, says it's time to turn page on 1990s Democrats

On Tuesday evening, the veteran House Democrats will meet on the debate stage for a faceoff that also includes challenger Suraj Patel, who has run against Maloney twice.

“In the debate, we’re going to see two very distinct arguments from three different candidates,” Patel told NY1. “Two of them are going to be talking about their accomplishments in the past and their seniority, one of us is going to be talking about our comprehensive plans to bring New York back.”

Spectrum News NY1 and WNYC are co-hosting the 90-minute faceoff at the CUNY Graduate Center at 7 p.m.

NY1 political anchor Errol Louis and WNYC senior politics reporter Brigid Bergin will co-moderate.

Maloney and Nadler each have 30 years in Congress.

She chairs the House Oversight Committee.

He chairs the House Judiciary Committee.

But they chose to compete in the same congressional district primary after their Upper East and Upper West Side neighborhoods were drawn together in a revision of the U.S. House maps.

They — and Patel — say abortion rights and gun safety are among their top priorities.

Nadler said, “You see a Supreme Court that’s run away, that’s overturn 50 years of precedent for a woman’s right to choose.”

Maloney said, “I want to focus on these terrible Supreme Court decisions and how we have to overturn them, how we have to change that. And change does not come easily, but it will come if you never give up.”

After the Aug. 23 primary, Maloney or Nadler, or both, will be forced into retirement.

Patel has run in two previous election cycles against Maloney, coming closer to defeating her in 2020.

He argued that “1990s Democrats have lost almost every major battle to Mitch McConnell and Republicans.”

He added, “We’re at the low point in 50 years of the rights that most New Yorkers hold dear, from abortion to climate change to guns. What we need is a new set of messengers for New York values.”

The fourth candidate on the Democratic ballot, Ashmi Sheth, a former Federal Reserve Bank of New York associate, did not meet the criteria to participate in the debate.

The primary is Aug. 23, with early voting beginning Aug. 13.