The big question to come out of the Supreme Court ruling Thursday on New York's concealed carry law is this: Does the ruling expand gun rights under the Second Amendment beyond the home to places like supermarkets, football stadiums and schools?

According to attorney Donald Chesworth, a former special agent with the FBI and partner in the Rochester office of Tully Rinckey, the ruling will do nothing to expand where people may carry weapons.

“I would say that this decision does not change anything about where you can carry a weapon,” he said. “If there are restricted areas now, they will continue to be restricted.”

Additionally, Chesworth, who was the superintendent of the New York State Police under Gov. Mario Cuomo, told Capital Tonight that he does not think the ruling will make New Yorkers less safe.

“I think it will lead to less crime to be honest with you,” said Chesworth. “I think if a legitimate person who needs to have a gun for self-protection has it, the bad guys are not the only ones that have weapons. It’ll probably be a safer society.”

Chesworth is not optimistic that Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state Legislature will be able to counter the ruling and stay within the decision’s constitutional confines.