Gov. Kathy Hochul on Thursday said she is very concerned about the Supreme Court possibly striking down a state law limiting who can carry concealed guns. 

“The spectacle of thinking New Yorkers can walk around with a gun concealed on our subways and into our delis and into our restaurants and into our entertainment venues—that is not the New York I want to live in,” Hochul said on NY1’s “Mornings On 1,” one day after the court heard oral arguments in the case.

The governor said a decision won't be known until the end of the session in June.

Hochul said the top job of a governor is to protect the people.

"I believe there are legitimate gun owners, they have their rights. But those rights do not include walking around with a hidden gun — and who knows how it's going to be used," she said. "I really hope that the supreme court sees the wisdom of what we put in place."

The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday challenging the New York law which imposes restrictions on carrying firearms outside of the home. Several other states, including Hawaii, California, Massachusetts and New Jersey, have similar laws on the books.