The signs are posted at Staten Island Technical High School, directing students where to take the test this weekend for admission to one of New York City's elite specialized high schools next fall.

But Staten Island Tech also is one of 33 city schools that will be open for early voting, which begins Saturday.

"It might be a little weird to, like, see voters coming in and you're taking the test," one student told us.

In an email obtained by NY1, a school administrator urged elected officials and education department honchos to move early voting to another site, writing, "There can't be any other programs taking place in our building that day to ensure a safe and secure environment for either the test administration or voting to take place. It's simply not possible to do both."

It adds, "How does this make sense or even get to this point without consulting with the school administrators first?"

I.S. 61 Dean Pete Timmins agrees. His school will host early voting, too.

"We're not here to accommodate strangers walking in and out, because now with elections you don't need photo id anymore. You just got to say a name," said Timmins. "That's not accommodating for a school of 1,000 kids to have randoms walking throughout your building to vote."

Parents at P.S. 116 on East 33rd Street in Manhattan are not happy, either.

"The disruption that early voting is going to cause," P.S. 116 parent Alfonso Paradinas tells NY1. "will mean no lunch space, no cafeteria, no recess, no gym for an entire week for all our kids."

But Friday, Mayor Bill de Blasio downplayed the concerns of parents and administrators from schools selected as early voting locations.

"Remember, we have 1,800 schools or so, so 33 is a small number. But for those parents, the concerns are very real," de Blasio said on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show. "The safety point is, just like with voting on Election Day, there will be a police officer present. Not just normal school safety officers, but a police officer is always present when people are voting."

The mayor is encouraging anyone concerned about early voting in schools to email

But the voting will begin Saturday as planned and run through next weekend at Staten Island Tech and the other early voting sites.


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