Democratic state senators are still buzzing about a very personal fight between two of their own: Alessandra Biaggi of the Bronx and Brooklyn's Kevin Parker. The private meeting of Democrats revealed a growing split between lawmakers who are new to Albany and those like Parker who have been there for more than a decade.

On social media, Biaggi has hinted that some Democrats could face primaries if they're not left-leaning enough. That didn't sit well with Parker, who said Biaggi doesn't speak for the whole conference.

Sources said tempers flared and Parker, who has had past anger management issues, ripped off his tie and threw it down in a rage.

The fight was first reported by The New York Times, but it omitted a critical detail: In December, Parker tweeted that a Republican state Senate staffer, Candice Giove, should "kill" herself.

There were calls for an investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee, which is chaired by Biaggi. But in February, Biaggi publicly declared that she would not pursue an investigation.

Sources tell NY1 that during her fight with Parker, Biaggi said she did Parker "a favor" by not investigating and that he should "thank" her. That's when Parker lost it.

Responding to that account on Twitter, Biaggi said, "I don't do favors for anyone, especially not him. That comment was unacceptable, and if the matter comes before my committee, which it has yet to do, I will put it through to the full extent of my power."

But the truth is Biaggi had a chance to investigate Parker and opted not to. Some members are now calling for a full investigation into what happened and whether Biaggi opted not to investigate as a way to protect a fellow Democrat.