City Councilman Jumaane Williams doesn't have much in common with Donald Trump. But that's not what Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul would like you to be believe. 

"Don't call on President Trump to release his taxes and then refuse to do it yourself," Hochul said.

For days, Kathy Hochul has called on Williams to release five years of his tax returns, following it up with an ad earlier this week. 

"I've always talked about transparency. Let us know your financial background. By God, we have to know if you have conflicts of interest," she said.

Friday morning, Letitia James piled on. The city's public advocate, Hochul supporter and candidate for attorney general released five years of tax returns. She called on Democratic candidates to do the same. 

"I think all candidates running for office should release their tax returns," she said.

"I think a debate is also important for transparency," Williams said. "And until now, the lieutenant governor has refused to do so. As soon as that happens, we are going to release it. I assure you."

Up until Friday, Williams said his taxes would remain top secret unless the lietenant governor agreed to an official debate. 

"There should not be preconditions. What's that all about?" Hochul said. "I did it without being pressured to do it. Why won't he just do it? Stop playing games and release your taxes."

"Unlike the lieutenant governor and the governor, we haven't recieved any money from the Buffalo billions, we haven't been investing in banks like they have. There is no crystal run money," Williams said. "I am happy to hear what they have to say once they see this smoking gun." 

Just hours after those comments, the two campaigns agreed to a 10 a.m. debate on a Manhattan public access channel later this month. NY1 has also requested a debate with the two candidates. With that agreement, Williams promised to release five years of tax returns in the coming days. 

This all has particular relevance for the councilman because his personal finances have come under scrutiny. His house is in foreclosure.