Highlighting a bill that was passed in the budget last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo symbolically signed legislation to take away guns from domestic abusers. According to the governor, 4.5 million women have been threatened with gun violence nationally, and 50 percent of women killed by guns are murdered by partners.

"Domestic violence is horrendous in and of itself," Cuomo said. "When you add a gun to the mix it becomes a toxic volatile combination, and all the statistics prove that."

The legislation allows all firearms to be removed from abusers, including rifles. Earlier state legislation already takes away handguns.

Adding the moment, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Cuomo for the signing.

"97 percent of Americans support background checks, including 97 percent of gun owners," Pelosi said. "They know. They care."

Early Tuesday morning, Cuomo's primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon, marched from Bowling Green to Wall Street with the immigrant-rights group, Make the Road.

"It's May Day, it's a day for workers, and increasingly in this country it's a day for immigrants. Immigrants are such part of our working class and they are under such assault right now because of the raids and deportations but also the incarcerations here," the Democrat Nixon said to members of the media. "It's big business and it's a dirty business."

A central message of the May Day marchers was to end the use of private prisons by immigration agents to house undocumented immigrants awaiting a hearing or facing deportation. But Nixon seemed to get a little tripped up when asked about private prisons:

Reporter: Are there any for-profit prisons in New York?

Nixon: I'm sure there are.

As a point of clarification, there are no private state prisons in New York state, but there are several privately-run U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities, some of which are in the city.

In a separate development, the Nixon campaign has replaced its campaign manager just six weeks after announcing Nixon was running.