An anti-abortion group in Flushing called the Bridge to Life has received thousands of dollars in City Council funding over the years and received another $10,000 from two Queens councilmen in the budget approved this week. NY1's Courtney Gross filed the following exclusive report.

A sign tells passersby if they are pregnant, they have found the right place.

The group The Bridge to Life has received thousands of dollars in City Council funding over the years, and in the budget approved this week, it received another $10,000, funding sponsored by two Queens councilmen.

The group provides clothing and supplies for mothers in need. It also gives out free pregnancy tests and counseling to women who think they are pregnant. The objective is to convince them not to have an abortion.

"We just tell them what their choices are before rushing out to get an abortion," said Nicole Daly, who works at the Bridge to Life.

Five years ago, the Council cracked down on similar pregnancy centers, claiming they were tricking women into not having abortions. It forced centers to disclose to the public that they provide no medical services, something we saw on the Bridge to Life sign.

The executive director of Bridge to Life was not available to speak to us on camera. However, she said when she is counseling women who are considering abortions, she makes sure they know it is their own decision. She also said she goes over the potential side effects of abortions, as well as the Plan B pill.

They are facts that have raised red flags for at least one pro-choice group.

"In a city that has such a wealth of organizations that do provide women with support and services, they shouldn't be funding organizations that lie and manipulate women. It's simply not OK," said Andrea Miller of the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund.

Councilman Peter Koo is anti-abortion.

"We all come from different worlds with different beliefs. So we cannot say you are wrong or he is right. So that's why I funded this group," Koo said.

He points to the Bridge to Life website, which clearly states its mission: to "make every effort to save the baby."

Councilman Eric Ulrich, who says he is pro-choice, says the money goes to mothers for things like car seats.

"It really is about helping women in need," he said.

"If I thought there was anything disingenuous or deceptive or misleading that they were doing, I wouldn't be giving them funding," said Ulrich.

He’s done that for the last six years.