The mayor's bid to ban drawn horse carriages is being probed by law enforcement. Now, new documents NY1 obtained under the Freedom of Information Law are shedding light on how the administration angled to end the industry.

Supporters of the proposed ban cast it as a moral mission for the animals, not real estate. However,  a presentation from the anti-carriage group NYCLASS argues if electric cars replace carriage horses, the "business structure would generate higher revenues for both owners and the city."

Emails also show the executive director of NYCLASS emailed top de Blasio officials, trying to influence legislation. Around this time, the mayor and his group Campaign for One New York received tens of thousands of dollars from those aiming to ban carriages.

NYCLASS now says it didn't want to buy the stables, but rather didn't want stable owners or drivers to lose money.

City Hall adds, "Mayor de Blasio's commitment to removing horse carriages from city streets is well-documented, far predating the start of this administration."

NY1 didn't get clarity on everything. Several pages have information blacked out.