Angry protesters are trailing Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, denouncing his call for the United States to block Muslims from entering the country. And earlier today some of those protesters managed to infiltrate a fundraiser Trump was headlining at the Plaza Hotel for the Pennsylvania Republican party, as NY1's Grace Rauh reports.

"Trump is trying to bring us down," protesters chanted outside the hotel. "Attacking people black and brown."

The sidewalks around the Plaza Hotel were packed with protesters, press, and passers-by hoping to get a peek at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. Trump was at the hotel — which he once owned — for a private fundraiser. Some of his critics bought tickets at $1,000 apiece to attend and disrupt the event.

They were protesting Trump's call to close the United States to Muslim immigrants and visitors.

"It's our responsibility," said Sandra Abramson of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. "We believe that this country has values and we need to uphold those values."

Abramson, a Brooklyn resident, says she was allowed to take the elevator after being removed from the event.

"Trump is trying to bring us down," they chanted outside.

Other activists were tossed out more forcefully.

"We have a room in the hotel so we have a right to be here," said protester Jamila Hammami. "But those guards pushed us down several flights of stairs."

Hammami says Trump is to blame for the recent wave of hate crimes against Muslim-Americans.

"This is because of the hate coming out of his mouth and no one is checking him," she said.

Trump's plan to block foreign Muslims from coming to the U.S. is facing criticism from some Republicans as well.

"That was a dumb proposal because it ignored the fact that we need the support here in the United States if we are going to root out the radical jihadists," said Ed Cox, New York State Republican Party Chairman.

But it is not a deal breaker for the chairman of the state Republican party.

"I love all our candidates," Cox said. "They are all good. We are going to stand behind our nominee. Absolutely. Whomever it is."

One protestor who made it inside the fundraiser told us that Trump seemed proud of the spectacle outside the hotel.

He told the crowd inside that there were so many people around the Plaza that it was like the Oscars. And he said that he needed to be taken in through a side door.