In the wake of a in-depth NY1 report last week, the mayor says he will continue to seek advice from a top adviser despite criticism of their close relationship. 

Jonathan Rosen runs the public relations firm BerlinRosen and advises private clients with business before the city while also acting as a close advisor to the mayor.

Because Rosen is not a registered lobbyist, he does not have to disclose his clients, but the mayor said there's no conflict of interest.

"Jonathan is someone I worked with for years. He is a close friend, a close adviser going back many, many years, and he'll continue to be," de Blasio said. "He doesn't represent the interests of his clients when he talks to me. He is someone who I turn to advice on a whole host of issues that have nothing to do with his clients."

State Senator Tony Avella is introducing legislation in Albany that would require firms like Rosen's to publicly disclose their clients, much like lobbyists are required to do. The mayor said he could not comment on the legislation, but said his broad approach thoughout his career is to support disclosure.