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Stacy-Ann Gooden is the morning meteorologist for Mornings On 1. A Jamaican native who was raised in Brooklyn, she came to NY1 from News 12 Networks, where she served as the evening weather anchor for Brooklyn and the Bronx.

In addition to providing local weather updates, Stacy-Ann has also presented national weather forecasts for NBC Weather Plus and CBS This Morning Saturday. However, many still remember her as the former Fox 5 Traffic Authority for Good Day New York prior to becoming a meteorologist.

After her stint at Fox 5, she went on to pursue a career as a Weather Anchor for "Newscenter Now" on WRNN-TV, which is now known as Verizon FIOS 1 News.

Stacy-Ann also had a reoccurring role as a news reporter on Fox’s hit series The Following. She appeared in NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura and American Odyssey, as well as Netflix’s The Punisher.

When it comes to delivering the forecast, Stacy-Ann is known for her upbeat personality and straightforward approach. “You don’t have to use a lot of scientific jargon to explain what’s going on outside. It’s about providing viewers with a forecast that anyone at any age can understand,” she explained.

Stacy-Ann has covered all types of weather events, including nor’easters, tropical cyclones and other types of weather phenomena. She was awarded a New York Press Club award for her work covering Superstorm Sandy.

Stacy-Ann’s passion for weather began when she majored in Geoscience while at Mississippi State University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree at St. John’s University.

When she’s not chasing storms, Stacy-Ann enjoys spending time with her family. You can get to know more about her husband and two children by checking out Stacy-Ann’s Weather Anchor Mama blog and Youtube channel.