Josh Robin covers national political developments as Spectrum News’ chief national political reporter, and anchors Spectrum News’ national network, Spectrum News+.

Throughout his extensive career in journalism, Josh has broken major stories, asked questions of four U.S. presidents and numerous presidential candidates, and covered all kinds of political stories, from campaigns to scandals. His reporting has earned numerous awards, including multiple Emmys and honors from the Society of Professional Journalists, the Associated Press and the New York Press Club. 

Josh graduated from Tufts and received a master’s degree from Stanford. During college, he decided to become a reporter during a semester abroad in Nairobi, Kenya. As a stringer for The Nairobi Law Monthly, Josh reported on allegations of police brutality near Kenya’s border with Sudan.

Prior to Spectrum News, Josh was a newspaper reporter for Newsday’s New York City edition and The Seattle Times. He has also contributed to The New York Times, The Daily Beast, BuzzFeed, The (N.Y.) Daily News, Salon and The San Francisco Chronicle. He first joined NY1 in 2005 as part of the channel’s storied political team. He covered national, state and New York City politics, interviewing all recent mayors and governors and traveling extensively in and out of the United States. His reporting made international headlines in 2018, when he exclusively found that children were being brought to New York after they were forcibly removed from their parents at the U.S. southern border. Soon after the story broke, the White House ended the policy. 

Josh lives in New York City with his wife, the radio journalist and author Manoush Zomorodi, and their two kids. He’s the only person in his family who didn't go into the medical field, and his favorite bagel is salt with cream cheese. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @joshrobin.