Bree Driscoll has seen it all during her nearly two decades at Spectrum News and keeps coming back for more! She is currently the morning anchor for Spectrum News+ Monday through Friday from 6 AM to noon. Previously, she anchored for Spectrum News New York 1 in New York City. From her coverage of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy to Groundhogs Day antics and everything in between, Bree loves to tell the stories of endearing characters. Her most recent Emmy nomination was for a story about a mother struggling to provide for six children during the pandemic. Bree is always working to highlight the voices of those who are unjustly suffering and demand answers from those responsible.

Bree lives on Staten Island in New York City. She sometimes takes three modes of transportation to get to work. When she is not at work, and even sometimes when she is, she is raising her three children along with her husband who is a firefighter. During her free time, which there isn’t much of, she enjoys traveling and trivia. 

Try your hand at a few of Bree’s favorite trivia questions: What is the longest suspension bridge in the country? What is Barbie’s middle name? Tell her your answer on Instagram and Twitter @breedriscoll or Facebook as Bree Driscoll.