It’s a big voice for such a little girl and a tool she’s used for years to help uplift others. Jewel Alexis-Josey lifts her voice at retirement centers in hopes to add a little more joy to their days.

At just 4-years-old, Jewel was ready to change the world.

“She woke up one morning and her plan was to empty our cupboards and drop off food on the doorsteps of our neighbors," said Shalleann Alexis-Josey, Jewel's mother. "At first I didn’t know if she knew what she was doing but she was adamant.”

What You Need To Know

  • Jewel Alexis-Josey said she felt compelled to help at those around her and emptied her mother's food pantry to give donate to neighbors in need

  • She organizes all kinds of donation events with her nonprofit, Love Wins, in hopes of curbing the violence in her community

  • Jewel has also put effort into bridging the gap between the police and her community

Tired of the violence she saw in her neighborhood and on the news, Jewel found ways to give back by donating food, clothing and school supplies.

She also organizes after school reading programs, talent shows, while writing notes of encouragement to seniors.

“Community is a really important part of it because we are all people and we are all important," said Jewel. "No matter the skin tone, no matter the color, no matter how you look, you are still important.”

Jewel even began efforts to bridge the gap between the police and her neighbors by delivering breakfast and notes to her local precinct under the title of her nonprofit, Love Wins.

“Jewel took it upon herself to go on the street corners with her posters, Love Wins, asking people to stop fighting each other,” said Shalleann.

Because of her advocacy, Jewel was asked to sing at the White House National Day of Prayer to continue sharing her message.

“It’s sad that inequality and inequity is having a negative impact on persons, not just making a change, but being the change,” said Shalleann.

It’s not about the accolades for Jewel, she simply wants to reach as many people as she can with her message of hope.

“Why is it important to me? Because I just want to make a change in the world. And it’s people’s responsibility to help those in need. But not just singing, it’s by helping people, encouraging people to do great things,” she said.

For helping love conquer all, Jewel Alexis-Josey is our New Yorker of the Week.