Derek Atson’s elves are hard at work preparing for his second annual holiday toy giveaway.

“Just trying to prepare, make sure everything’s right,” Atson said. “I want to have the best experience for kids who don’t really have stuff like that.”

The party is once again at the Hollywood Event Space in Bushwick.

What You Need To Know

  • Derek Atson is hosting his second annual toy giveaway.

  • Between the 750 toys he gave away for free and the party that came with it, Atson spent $5,000

  • Atson also volunteers with his father's nonprofit organization, 5 Boros Basketball

Atson is hoping to give out hundreds of toys.

“I just felt like I was on top of the world, you know?” Atson said, reflecting on last year’s party. “It was just like no feeling I can explain.”

Atson purchased all 750 toys he gave out last year himself, fronting $5,000 for the festivities.

“Seeing kids that were really in need come here and leave happy,” he said. “That was the best thing I could have done. That made my Christmas giving back.”

Giving is the instinct for the Greenpoint resident.

Atson hands out his Thanksgiving leftovers to homeless people in his local park most years. He also purchases grocery bags for families in need.

Each week, he coaches kids at his dad’s nonprofit organization, 5 Boros Basketball at the Williamsburg Community Center.

“We just want to give back what we can, when we can,” Atson said.

Atson says it all comes down to setting a good example for his girls.

“I have two daughters so I want them to know, like, what the right thing to do,” he said. “I want them to, you know, realize as blessed as we are, other people aren’t. And it’s always good to help people out where they can.”

“You got to spread love. It’s the Brooklyn way,” Atson continued.

For giving kids reason to be excited this holiday season, Derek Atson is our New Yorker of the Week.