New York health officials on Wednesday launched a website with audio resources meant to aid people who are struggling with the lingering side effects of a COVID-19 infection. 

The webpage includes resources for how New Yorkers can seek treatment from health care providers. 

Relatively little is known about the effects of long COVID-19, but symptoms generally include a range of maladies including exhaustion, cardiovascular symptoms, difficulty breathing and brain fog. The symptoms can linger for months or longer. 

Public health officials in New York, as well as Gov. Kathy Hochul, have pledged to assess the scope of the long COVID-19 problem facing New Yorkers and its long-term effects on a person's health. 

As we continue to assess the impact of long COVID on New Yorkers and support clinical and diagnostic considerations, this new website and materials will help New Yorkers seeking care for long COVID symptoms,” state Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said. “Healthcare providers and New Yorkers should know that long COVID remains a serious, concerning condition, underscoring the importance of those struggling seeking, and being provided with care. All New Yorkers should stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations, as emerging research continues to suggest vaccination is protective against long COVID.”

The resource site also includes an audio format to help people who are struggling with vision problems as result of long COVID-19.

The website was launched as the Hochul administration has moved to largely scale back pandemic-related guidances. Mask wearing in schools as well as on public transit has ended as officials look to the availability of booster shots as well as COVID-19 tests to limit the spread ahead of a potential fall and winter surge in case.