ALBANY, N.Y. – President Donald Trump labeling New York City an "anarchist jurisdiction" that could imperil federal funding is a campaign tactic that won't be upheld under a court challenge, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday said. 

The Trump administration has labeled New York City and several other American cities where there has been protest and unrest over policing anarchist jurisdictions and threatened to remove funding for the local governments. 

Cuomo compared the development to previous efforts by the Trump administration to cut off aid to New York City. Previously Trump sought to end federal funding for cities that have designated themselves sanctuary communities to protect undocumented immigrants. That effort failed under a court challenge. 

"Policing is a power by the constitution that is left to the states," Cuomo said in a conference call. "It's just for the politics and part of his campaign rhetoric."

Much of the $7.4 billion the federal government allocates to New York City is tied to laws approved by Congress, the governor noted. 

"The president can't supersede the law and say 'I'm going to make those funds basically discretionary funds,' which is what he would have to do," Cuomo said. "He doesn't control federal funding. Federal law controls federal funding."