New York's Conservative Party on Saturday backed the re-election of President Donald Trump days after Republicans did the same at their national convention.

Trump's backing from the Conservative Party is not wholly surprising. But the endorsement gives the Republican ticket with Vice President Mike Pence another ballot line in Democratic heavy New York, where former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to win handily. 

Trump's backing from the Conservative Party was no guarantee four years ago, when he still had to win over large segments of the right, who were skeptical of his positions and sincerity. 

That, however, has changed swiftly.

“Less than four years ago I stood in front of you and talked about how jobs were leaving New York at unprecedented rates,” Trump wrote in a letter accepting the Conservative Party nomination.

“Buildings sat empty across the state as jobs were shipped overseas to China and south to Mexico. I promised I would bring back jobs. Well, during my first three years in office, my administration added 359,600 jobs, bringing the unemployment rate down to 4%. We've faced some tough times, but as your president, I'm still fighting for you and we are going to do it again. New York's economy is going to come back stronger. New York's streets are going to be safer.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik, the Republican member of Congress from the North Country who spoke at the Republican National Convention last week, accepted the nomination on behalf of the Trump-Pence ticket. 

"President Trump has delivered results to New York families in his first term in office, and I am confident he will continue to prioritize real, everyday Americans in his second term," she said.

"President Trump stands for conservative values: the right to bear arms, protection of the unborn, limited government, and the principles of liberty and freedom. I’m looking forward to continuing my work with both President Trump and the New York State Conservative Party through victory in November."