Gyms and fitness centers remain too risky to reopen in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday, pointing to other states that have seen spikes in cases this spring and summer. 

"We know gyms are highly problematic," Cuomo said. 

New York's own coronavirus infection rate has flattened out in recent weeks. The state's infection rate over the last day stands at 0.9 percent after 72,000 tests were conducted, Cuomo told reporters in a conference call. 

Gym owners around the state today are rallying to call for a reopening. YMCA facilities, too, have said they are complying with CDC guidelines to reopen safely without spreading the virus. 

Cuomo wants to keep those COVID numbers low, and his aides have pointed to gyms being associated with "high-risk activities" even as they assess limited use plans submitted by gyms. 

"I don't think it is the time to do it. We are precariously perched," Cuomo said.

Neighboring states are seeing COVID spikes as well, including concentrated clusters as well as broad increases.

"You have New Jersey going up," Cuomo said. "You have Connecticut going up. You have Rhode Island going up. It is all around us. The question is why isn't it going up here?"