Sal Natale can just tell the Neapolitan-style pizza pie he placed in the oven is going to be a good one. It's a safe bet.

The Sicilian immigrant has been making pizza for decades. Almost 80 years old, he's still going strong at Pugsley Pizza on East 191st Street in the Bronx, which he owns with wife Pina, son Peter and daughter Allessandra Gallo.

What You Need To Know

  • Pugsley Pizza opened on East 191st Street in the Bronx in 1985

  • It is located across the street from the campus of Fordham University

  • The pizzeria is owned by Sicilian immigrant Sal Natale and his family 

It’s called Pugsley Pizza because it was once located on Pugsley Avenue in the Bronx. 

"We like what we are doing. It's not just to get a day's pay, we do it because we enjoy doing it," Natale said.

It's not just the pizza that brings customers from the campus of Fordham University across the street and the neighborhood. It's the music of Natale playing his saxophone with a sparkler attached for special occasions.

There's also an opportunity for customers to hit the famous gong in the kitchen, followed by Natale emphatically ringing a bell.

Pugsley Pizza has been in the location since 1985, in a not-so-likely spot for a pizza joint. It's a former junkyard, and the restaurant was built by Natale from the ground up.

Customers have been eating it up ever since.

"You come here, you will feel like you are at home. It's more than just eating a pizza," said customer Robert Jimenez, who works around the corner. 

Customer Joe Amato agrees wholeheartedly. He's been going to the location almost since the beginning.

"They are more like family than friends, but I've been coming here so long, if I didn't like it, you think I would last that long?" Amato said.