Migrants making their way to the city are experiencing a lot of firsts, one of them being their first Thanksgiving.

“I'm thankful to be here with my kids,” Daniela Hernandez said. “I’m thankful for the support.”

Hernandez said she and her two kids are trying to make it out of the city’s shelter system.

“At this moment I want to find a good job. I want to be able to rent a place. I want to be able to make money. That's why I came here, so I can move forward,” she added.

There’s a lot weighing on her mind, but this Thanksgiving she’s grateful for a nice warm meal served up by the Bronx restaurant Beatstro.

“For me, it hits home because at some point my grandparents were in this position,” said Jasmine Garcia, the director of operations at Beatstro.

Garcia said while this dinner is a welcome to New York, it’s also a way for migrants to make new traditions.

“Anything that we can do to make them feel safe, make them feel wanted, to make them feel a little bit more comfortable, it’s our duty to do so,” Garcia said.

The meals were possible through a collaboration with Beatstro, NYC Health + Hospitals and the group Rethink Food, which has a contract with the city. About 22,000 special Thanksgiving dishes were served up at NYC Health and Hospitals’s 16 migrant emergency relief centers.

“It’s all about celebrating cultures and providing food that people actually want to eat,” said Nathan Ricke, the chief network officer at Rethink Food.

While Hernandez said she hasn’t done a lot of celebrating, she is thankful for a place like this.

“I'm grateful for everything and all the support that we've received,” Hernandez said.