The latest installment in our “Mornings on One Authors Week” series saw actor and producer Sheetal Sheth join the team to discuss her latest book, “Making Happy.”

It follows the story of a girl named Leila whose mom is sick with cancer. Leila and her family have to adapt to a new normal and figure out how to work through the strong and scary feelings that come with such a diagnosis.

The book is especially personal for the author. It’s based on her own fight against breast cancer.

Sheth says she’s on the road to recovery currently, but the early days and months after her diagnosis were frightening, not just for her, but her children as well. 

The experience left her wishing there was an easier way to talk directly with children about what the road ahead might look like.

“When I was diagnosed it was such a shock, and my kids — they were two and four at the time — we were trying to process what was going on. And so I love books as a way to kind of have ice breakers to talk about all the things, and I looked for books and I couldn’t find any,” Sheth told NY1 anchors Pat Kieran and Jamie Stelter.

That’s when she decided more could be done. 

Enter: “Making Happy,” a book which she says helps children become more resilient and cope with the sometimes difficult realities the world presents them.

Tune into “Mornings on One” Wednesday, when the team will sit down with chef Claire Saffitz, who will talk about her new cookbook, “What’s For Dessert?”