BUFFALO, N.Y. — After defeating the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, quarterback Josh Allen took part in a special off-field celebration when West Herr Automotive donated $2,000,017 to the Patricia Allen Fund, which benefits Oishei Children’s Hospital.

It’s the largest single donation since the fund began.

"WNY is the only place I have ever lived, but I have travelled enough to know how special this community truly is," said Scott Bieler, president and CEO, West Herr. "Our donation today is from all 2,812 West Herr employees, but it is only possible because of the ongoing loyalty and support this community has given us. So, our gratitude today is directed to all the WNY’ers who have supported us to the point of up to last year purchasing over 1,200,000 vehicles since West Herr’s inception. Finally, as we stand in this beautiful facility, which we are blessed to be the only stand-alone acute care children’s hospital in New York State that has the most advanced care in the region, we cannot forget why this hospital is so special…it’s all the people who work here from the nurses, doctors, to the administration and the entire staff that provides remarkable care for the WNY children who are our greatest treasure and certainly, our future."

Already, $750,000 has gone toward a new state-of-the-art microscope for neurosurgeons to use during operations. The rest of the money will be up to the hospital to decide how to use.

Allen thanked the community for its support, saying he was stunned by the big donation.

"This level of generosity will go incredibly far at Oishei Children’s Hospital, where we rely on philanthropy to provide the best care to our community’s kids," said Allegra Jaros, president, Oishei Children’s Hospital. "Scott and West Herr have been instrumental to many organizations’ success with their generosity and like Josh, they inspire others to give back, which is what the ‘City of Good Neighbors’ is all about. We are so fortunate to have two of the most inspirational, genuine and compassionate leaders in Western New York making a positive difference in the lives of the kids and families we care for."

The Patricia Allen Fund is named for Allen’s grandmother, who passed away in 2020.