House Republicans stopped in the heart of the Rust Belt Friday to unveil their “Commitment to America.”

It’s a blueprint of action items they say they will act on should they gain control of the U.S. House after the November elections.

“This is our commitment to America as we work to earn back the House,” said GOP Caucus Chairwoman Elise Stefanik.

“We are focused on an economy that strong, what does that mean, reining in inflation, lowering the cost of energy, lowering the cost of gas and home heating bills, making sure that we have supply have a supply chain that secure here in the United States of America.”

Before a crowd of about 140 people in an HVAC warehouse in Monogahela, Pennsylvania, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, the presumptive speaker should Republicans flip the five seats they need, laid out his caucus’ plan.

McCarthy believes this plan is better for the country than any plan the Biden administration has put forth so far.

“The Democrats have created a lot of problems from inflation to crime, to a DOJ [Department of Justice] going after parents, a border that's insecure. This [is] now killing our children because of fentanyl. They have no plan to fix it,” said McCarthy.

The Republican plan is reminiscent of Newt Gingrich’s 1994 “Contract with America.” The plan calls for making America energy independent, securing the border, and cutting inflation.

McCarthy, in an interview with Spectrum News, criticized Democrats for wasteful spending.

“This Congress controlled by Democrats has spent more than everybody else and put us in a $31 trillion debt, we would actually put us on a path to be able to be balanced in the future,” he said.

However, the party is giving little information about how it plans to put these goals into actions or how they plan to pay for them. 

Republicans hope that language is enough to sway voters their way and help flip at least five seats from blue to red to take over the house.

 “I think the Republican Conference is unified to do this. I think we have so many good ideas, the challenge is going to be which ones go across the line,” Rep. Bryan Steil (R-WI).

In response, the white house says a GOP controlled congress could lead to cuts in key government programs - like Medicare and social security.  

“Leader McCarthy outlined an ultra MAGA agenda,” said Kate Berner, White House Deputy Communications Director. “I think it’s clear to the American people, the very big difference and ideas and proposals that the President and congressional Republicans are putting forward.”

House Democrats were also quick to respond to this new Republican plan. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement “the American people will remember in November that House Republicans’ extreme MAGA agenda is far too dangerous.” 

But it will remain up to the voters heading up to the ballot box less than 2 months from now as to which party’s policy they find most convincing.