Climate Week NYC kicks off its 14th year as the world’s largest global climate event Monday with activities open to the public to highlight climate change and the importance of climate equity.

Adam Lake, head of Climate Week NYC, joined NY1’s Stef Manisero Sunday to discuss what to expect at the week-long event conducted with the help of the United Nations General Assembly.

He said the main goal is to take climate action and to “do it fast” by bringing together leaders of business and government as well as the community to talk about how to get it done. 

Since climate change is a broad topic, Lake said the events will be split up into 10 different themes, from finance, to food, to environmental justice. 

“And we're really trying to make sure we have a selection of things so whatever level you’re at, there’s something for you,” Lake said.

He explained that some of the events will go into heavy details with climate experts, but they will also include family-related activities. 

Lake said everyone can make an impact on climate change.

“I think it’s really important to remember that we can win this. It can be a positive journey and it’s okay to have fun while doing it,” Lake said. 

When asked about the Inflation Reduction Act, Lake said everyone wants change.

“When you have legislation coming through that gives you a wider set of options, people tend to go for things that, you know, no one wants to harm the planet for the sake of it. It’s just people don’t have the options on the table,” Lake said. “So I think this legislation is a really important way of getting investments in these areas to reduce the cost of doing the right thing.”

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