Con Edison is warning customers to expect higher prices for gas and electric services this winter.

In a press release issued Friday, the utility said the average natural gas heating customer "using an average of 165 therms per month" is expected to pay about $460 a month from November 2022 to March 2023, a 32% increase over the average bill from last year of $348. An average New York City residential customer “using 300 kilowatt hours a month” of electricity in the winter is expected to have an average bill of about $116, which would be a 22% increase over the average bill from last year of $95.

According to Con Edison, the increases are a result of increases in the market cost of natural gas, which also impacts electric prices.

“The supply cost has shot way up. It has to do with demand. It has to do with the supply,” said Jamie McShane, director of media relations for Con Edison.

McShane said the “global impact” of the war in Ukraine is also affecting prices.

“And the commodity is, we don’t make a profit on it at Con Edison. We buy it at the wholesale market, and we basically charge customers what we pay for it without a profit,” he said. “Unfortunately, it’s gone up, and we want to make sure people know about it.”

The utility is offering tips for consumers on how to save money on their heating bills, including replacing conventional light bulbs with more efficient LED lightbulbs; running washing machines with cold water; running appliances during off hours; swapping out window shades seasonally to make sure they are lighter-colored to reflect the sun’s energy better; making sure heating vents are not blocked by furniture or carpets; and setting thermostats at the lowest comfortable temperature.

McShane said the company has payment plans that can help people struggling to pay their bill. More information on those payment plans can be found here.