It’s been one year since Hurricane Ida hit New York City.

City Councilmember Julie Won joined Cheryl Willis on “Live at Ten” to talk about the impact of the hurricane in Queens’ Sunnyside and Woodside.

“The damage is incredibly devastating,” she said, mentioning a family that lost their lives due to their basement apartment flooding.

According to Won, Hurricane Ida flooded the entire heating plan of Woodside houses — causing residents to lose heat and water for almost a year. However, she said their situation is worse than this.

Won explained that she met with NYCHA management Thursday to tour a building, the first floor and basement — where there was a community center, senior center and youth center — was beyond repair.

“They had all been flooded and completely damaged all the furniture and because of sewage and septic water, human feces, everything was contaminated so it was all thrown out,” she said. “So they have nothing left.”

When asked about what help is coming for residents since their claims for flood assistance have been denied, Won said “nobody wants to take responsibility for what happened.”

“For a lot of these families, like the ones that drowned, they’re living in basement apartments for a reason. It’s all that they can afford,” she continued.

“These people are being left to dry,” Won said, referring to immigrant, Latino, Asian and Black families. “They’re not getting help from the city. They’re not getting help from the state.”