NEW YORK –­­­­ Police announced the arrest of a Brooklyn man Wednesday, as well as the seizure of a 3-D printed gun and 3-D printed gun accessories.

Deonte Haynes, 30, was charged with multiple counts of criminal possession of a weapon, the NYPD announced during a press conference.

Investigators said Haynes was manufacturing 3-D personal firearms where ghost gun parts were ordered from online retailers. Ghost guns are weapons made at home that are untraceable since there is no serial number.

"Mr. Haynes also produced large capacity magazines with his 3-D printer and what's called an auto sear or a glock switch, which is used to turn a semi-automatic pistol into a fully automatic pistol," Chief of Intelligence Thomas Galati said.

A warrant was obtained to search Haynes' home on Tuesday, according to police.  

"The NYPD and the Intelligence Bureau and all of our federal state partners are committed to these investigations and arrests of individuals who are ordering, constructing and distributing personally-made firearms in the streets of New York," Inspector Courtney Nilan said.

The NYPD said they recovered 47 ghost guns in the city back in 2019. Last year, they seized 375 ghost guns and this year they have seized 85 ghost guns, police said.