COVID-19 cases in New York are down about 92% from the winter infection peak about three weeks ago, Gov. Kathy Hochul said Tuesday. 

The rapid decline in cases is accompanied by a somewhat slower decline in hospitalizations, and a significant drop-off in testing, especially in New York City. Hospitalizations lag behind infections, and are expected to continue dropping, Hochul said. 

According to state data, just over 5,100 people tested positive on Jan. 30, down from more than 90,000 people on Jan. 7. Yet statewide test positivity levels still remain about as high as they were last January, in the wake of the first winter surge. 


“I’m happy with the trend we’re on,” Hochul said, speaking at North Central Bronx Hospital. “But we’re not saying it’s over.”

Hochul noted that the state has still had to rely on nurses and doctors provided by the Department of the Defense to make up staffing shortages at hospitals around the state. 

Hochul did not say whether she would be removing the statewide mask mandate, which expires on Feb. 10 and is currently facing a legal challenge in state courts. 

“We’re not prepared to throw in the towel and say, we’re done fighting COVID,” Hochul said. “We’re so far from that.”