While some people have started to pick up the items on their own holiday shopping lists, there are many New Yorkers who will need a little help getting gifts for their children this year.

Organizers at the Child Center of NY are in the midst of kicking off their annual toy drive in the hopes of helping those families. 

This year they hope to provide holiday gifts for about 4,000 children in need. 

“The gifts are going to families that have received services from us. Whether it is through our behavioral health clinics, whether it’s in our after school programs or in our early childhood programs,” said Linda Rodriguez of the Child Center of NY.

One-hundred percent of donations made toward the Child Center of NY’s Holiday Toy Drive are used towards purchasing gifts for children. 

Organizers told NY1 that they realize there are lots of charity drives happening this type of year, but want to assure contributors that their money will benefit a local family.

“We know the families well and many times we know what the likes and dislikes of the children are…to make sure that the toys go to some of the neediest families that we have and are receiving services,” Rodriguez said.

New Yorkers can donate individually and in any dollar amount they choose or can contribute as a businesses/sponsor. 

For more information on the toy drive go to https://childcenterny.org/toys/.