“Cancel Carmine’s” was the chant from Black Lives Matters protesters in front of the popular Upper West Side Italian restaurant.

The aftermath of a brawl caught on camera last week, between a hostess and three women visiting from Texas.

The tourists were arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief.

What You Need To Know

  • Carmine’s Restaurant released security video showing the moments leading up to the fight that led to the arrest of three women from Texas, who are Black

  • A Black Lives Matters activist who spoke to the women claimed the hostess called them a racial slur

  • Carmine’s owner defended his staff and said the security video shows they acted appropriately

It started with a mandatory vaccine status check and ended in a fight.

Hawk Newsome, a Black Lives Matters activist who says he spoke with the women from Texas, claimed the hostess was disrespectful to the party, used a racial slur, and “lunged” at them.

“After she dropped the N-bomb, the three women did a double take and followed her out the restaurant,” Newsome said. “And that’s the melee you saw.”

The protesters called on Carmine’s to release the security video.

The restaurant’s owner, Jeffrey Bank, who denied that the hostess used a slur, did just that.

What both sides agree on: the three women were part of a larger party, who arrived to the restaurant in two groups.

Three men who showed up later were not seated inside because of the proof of vaccine rule.

In the video, a manager walks members of the party who did show proof of vaccination inside.

The 24-year-old hostess walks passed them, exiting the restaurant.

Four people follow her outside. Then the fight started.

NYC Hospitality Alliance Director Andrew Rigie visited the restaurant during the protest to support the workers.

“I was just speaking with the workers here at Carmines. It’s a very diverse group, they’re trying to make a living doing their job,” Rigie said.

Carmine’s owner Jeffrey Bank released a statement saying the attacks was, “entirely unprovoked.”

Bank, in the statement, said, “This video footage makes clear that the women’s Texan criminal defense attorney is heaving falsehoods to try to get his clients off the hook for their attack. It also makes clear Carmine’s staff acted appropriately and professionally.”

The police said the three women accused of assault were given desk appearance tickets and are due to return Oct. 5.