The city will require high school students who play certain contact sports to be vaccinated against the coronavirus before they can take the field, Mayor de Blasio said Friday.

What You Need To Know

  • Students playing certain high-risk sports as part of the Public Schools Athletic League will need to get vaccinated before they take the field

  • The sports include football, volleyball, basketball and wrestling

  • Students will have to get their first dose of the vaccine prior to the start of competitive play

The requirement will apply to about 20,000 Public Schools Athletic League students playing the following sports: football and volleyball in the fall season; basketball and wrestling in the winter; and lacrosse, rugby and stunt in the spring. Students participating in bowling will also need to be vaccinated because of requirements in place at bowling alleys.

The requirement will also extend to coaches.

"Any athlete, any coach, has to have gotten their first dose of the vaccine by the first day of play,” de Blasio said during his weekly radio appearance on WNYC. “We want to make sure your atheletes are safe, given the nature of these sports.”

Students who are fully vaccinated will be able to play without a mask — as long as the sport is being played outside.

The policy is the first vaccine mandate in the city to apply to students.

On Tuesday, as conditioning for PSAL athletes began, NY1 spoke to several members of the Truman High School football team in the Bronx — including rising junior Andrew Cabassa, who had not yet been vaccinated.

“If it comes to it where football is on the line I have to get vaccinated, then I believe I would get vaccinated just because I need to stay with my teammates," he said Tuesday.

Student athletes will need to get their first dose of the vaccine by the first day of competitive play, which varies by sport. For football, it is Sept. 3, and for volleyball, Sept. 27.