After a long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes will return this winter. Since its debut in 1933, 2020 marked the first time in 87 years that the production was cancelled. Frank DiLella sat down with two Rockettes in a local television exclusive to hear about their exciting return to Radio City Music Hall. Here is an edited portion of their conversation.

Frank DiLella, Host, On Stage: Christmas in July is a thing now because the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is coming back!

Danelle Morgan, Radio City Rockette: Sure is, I mean it’s never too early for Christmas, I’ll say!

FD: Never, never! What was last year like for you? I mean this is something you guys look forward to your whole lives, you look forward to every single year.

Katelyn Gaffney, Radio City Rockette: So not being physically together last year, it was heartbreaking. It really was and I’m so looking forward now to making more traditions this year with our family, our Radio City cast and crew family. I’m just so, so looking forward to it and ready to put last year behind us and just come back stronger than ever.

DM: Yeah, you know, it’s hard to call it a job because we get to wear these beautiful costumes, we get to perform for thousands of people every night. It’s such an amazing opportunity, but to not have that and to actually have this reality that, oh this is something that I really do love and I thrive in this moment of being on stage and connecting with my Rockette sisters, it was tough last year to not have that, but we really did all that we could to stay connected and keep our spirits lifted and keep the Christmas and holiday vibe. And we were able to teach our classes on Instagram so that sort of kept us all connected, but it was tough. But it’s good to know that we’re getting back to the true love that we have.

FD: What’s the tiniest detail of being a part of this family, this show that you are looking forward to the most.

KG: It’s the kick line for me, it’s the first time we link up as a group. I am so honored to be a part of this legendary line. And these women are not only my best friends, my sisters, but they’re my idols. And that first moment that we link up and kick together there is so much strength and so much beauty and I know that we’ve dreamed of becoming a Rockette our entire lives and it’s still a dream every single time that we step on stage. So that rehearsal that first time we link up is definitely going to be a moment that we either scream, cry, maybe both, all of the above.

DM: It’s not Christmas without the Rockettes, [laughter] it’s just the truth! You know, there’s something about the Christmas Spectacular and the Rockettes that trigger nostalgia and it’s about coming together and after this period of time where we haven’t been able to come together with those we love the most, the Christmas Spectacular is the true embodiment of that.

FD: See you on opening night?

DM + KG: Yes!

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