Sachin and Karthik Chanda of Queens are learning from an interactive exhibit about emotions. It's part of their visit to a favorite spot for them, the New York Hall of Science. 

"There's so many different exhibits, there's always new things to try out,” said Chanda. 

What You Need To Know

  • The New York Hall of Science is reopening after a more that 15 month COVID-induced closure

  • NYSci is reopening with a new exhibit called "The Happiness Experiment"

  • The exhibition was planned before the pandemic, but altered during the 2020 closure to reflect what was happening around the world
  • The New York Hall of Science was first built in 1964 for the World's Fair at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens

The New York Hall of Science is back after the pandemic forced the closure of the city's cultural institutions. It reopens with a brand new exhibit called “The Happiness Experiment,” which teaches the culture and science behind how we experience happiness. It was being developed before the pandemic.

"We shifted away from just delightful to looking at how we can kind of practice new things in our lives to have a little bit of control of our happiness, even if we don't have control of the world around us,” said Dana Hemes, exhibition content developer at NYSci. 

The colorful and very interactive exhibition asks questions like, can rats be amused? The answer is yes. 

Learning is all part of the mission at the Hall of Science, first built for the 1964 World’s Fair, with its rockets outside in Rocket Park, which can be seen for blocks around Corona. 

The reopening is good news for Queens residents like YJ Ahn, who was visiting with his niece and nephews. 

"I think the idea that you are able to read things, learn things, is really a big factor not only the enjoyment but definitely the growth and learning,” said Ahn, who visited NYSci as a child in elementary school. 

Staff at NYSci, who have not had guests in more than 15 months, said they are ready to answer every and all questions, and “The Happiness Experiment” is a perfect welcome back. 

"We are absolutely thrilled and so happy to have people back and I think the bright colors and the fun nature of this does make it a natural celebration, but it has a lot of science content to back it up,” said Hemes 

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