During the pandemic, actors Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon decided to make a short film.

What You Need To Know

  • Husband and wife power couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick wrote, shot, acted, and directed a short film during the pandemic about using fantasy to get through the hard times

  • Watching it afterwards, the couple realized how much the film, "Until," had been influenced by life in quarantine

  • The NYC couple submitted the short film to the Brooklyn Film Festival which takes place June 4 through the 13th, and it was accepted

  • The pair is very excited to experience normal city life again, and especially love being on the subway with their fellow New Yorkers

“I think it was very clear that we were both going through something at this time as everyone was,” Sedgwick said. “That feeling of ‘How long are we going to be here, how long are our loved ones going to be here,’” said Sedgwick.

Married since 1988, these two multi-hyphenate stars of TV and film delved into love and loss with their fantasy “Until.”

“A lot of people died and a lot of people lost loved ones, and this is about how do you process that and connect with it,” said Bacon.

And they didn't necessarily know where this film was taking them until they watched it afterwards.

“I was almost surprised how much going through the pandemic had really influenced the film,” Bacon admitted.

“Until” premiers at the Brooklyn Film Festival June 4 through the 13th – one of nearly 150 pieces being shown.

They submitted their film online, like anyone else and it was accepted.

“We were really just making it for us,” said Bacon. “We were touched and amazed anyone would want it in a film festival, and like you said, we're New Yorkers so being in Brooklyn is really exciting,”

And they’re excited to once again experience the city they love.

“I think that if you just walk up Amsterdam Avenue, people are just popping off. They've been tamped down for so long, they so want to connect and commune and remind themselves that they’re part of a community,” the pair said.

They are both enthusiastic about the city coming back to life.

“You can't get away from your fellow man in New York and we like it that way,” exclaimed Sedgwick.

“The first time we got on the subway we were like ‘Ahh, it's like looking into a hot bath,’” said Bacon.

Meanwhile, the couple continues to work on projects together and apart. Bacon has gigs booked with his band The Bacon Brother, while Sedgwick is filming on location.

“I'm actually in Rhode Island about to start my second feature and Kevin is in the movie,” Sedgwick said, before Bacon interjected, “I was able to get a part!”

Together they’re taking on life’s big questions and simple pleasures. For more details go to BrooklynFilmFestival.org.