NEW YORK — Police in Manhattan say they have the suspect responsible for beating a man into a coma in an unprovoked attack last week that was motivated by hate.

What You Need To Know

  • Jarrod Powell, 49, was arrested Monday and charged with attempted murder and assault as a hate crime

  • Police say Powell tackled Yao Pan Ma from behind and beat him in an unprovoked attack

  • Relatives say Ma was out collecting cans when he was attacked, having lost his job as a dishwasher because of the pandemic

Jarrod Powell, 49, is charged with attempted murder and assault as a hate crime.

Investigators say he’s the man captured on surveillance video, beating Yao Pan Ma so severely that his relatives say it left him in a coma.

Ma's wife demanded justice for her husband during a press conference held Tuesday at the spot where he was attacked.  

Relatives say Ma, 61, was out collecting cans on East 125th Street near Third Avenue Friday night, when police say Powell came up from behind, knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the head over and over.

Powell's image was captured on nearby cameras and released by police.

"We come here today to say stop targeting, scapegoating and killing Asian Americans," said State Assemblyman Ron Kim, speaking from the podium.

Ma is the latest Asian-American targeted in what police are calling a hate crime, which prompted a community outcry and a show of solidarity. Carey King of Uptown Grand Central was among those standing with the Ma family.

"Nobody expected this to happen along the corridor," said King. "An Asian hate crime is something that's really new to this area and it's something that we, I think the whole community, all of East Harlem is trying to figure out how to address." 

A GoFundMe has been set up to support Ma, a Chinese immigrant who had been working as a dishwasher, but lost his job because of the pandemic.  

So far, the campaign has raised more than $400,000.