In the fight for trans rights, activist Armani Iacolucci is hoping to raise awareness about the ongoing battle for equality in city classrooms, asking teachers to think about how to create inclusive lessons.

What You Need To Know

  • The Museum of the City of New York hosted a workshop to share trans stories with teachers in lead up to International Transgender Visibility

  • Activists like Armani Iacolucci share their experiences and suggestions to help teachers create inclusive lessons  

  • The museum is highlighting the history of trans activism and the leaders of the movement

  "Just like when we hear a math problem talk about Susie and her boyfriend...that little bit of hetero-normativity shows students that that's what's normal," said Iacolucci.

Her suggestion to educators during a virtual workshop in advance of International Transgender Visibility Day: "Every once in a while just pepper in Suzy and her girlfriend, or some transgender activist."

Iacolluci shared her experience as a transgender woman with teachers. It’s part of a broader iniative by the Museum of the City of New York to highlight the history of trans activism and contributions from transgender New Yorkers.

"It's been the incredible experience to learn from and be able to share these stories with teachers so that they can take back to their classrooms and their students" said Hannah Diamond, the museum’s education manager.

The institution has partnered with the Department of Education to highlight hidden voices, lesser known stories from communities of color and other marginalized groups. Its exhibit on the long history of trans activism and the leaders of the movement are still relevant.

"Their calls for freedom for quality, for safety and security feel so urgent and so present even if they're from 1969, 1970," said Diamond.


Activists like Iacolucci are trying to reach the youth, in hopes communities will focus on what they have in common rather than their differences.

"That's why this day of trans visibility is important, so we can focus the fact that on that we need people like that, we need people in the media but we need it everywhere" said Iacolucci. "We need transgender garbage truck drivers, we need transgender UPS deliverers, transgender activists and teachers. We need us everywhere."