NEW YORK - The Mayor paid a visit to the vaccination hub at Citi Field in Queens Saturday – supporting members of the city's largest public union getting their shot.

The Mayor was joined by the executive director of the DC-37 union, to tour and observe vaccinations at the site.

The Union worked with the City to plan this DC-37 Vaccination Day, which encouraged all eligible members of the union to receive the shot.

After the tour, the Mayor delivered comments from outside Citi Field with other city officials, thanking the members of DC-37 and other front-line workers for their efforts during the pandemic.

"Our city employees who have seen us through this fight are gonna get vaccinated here,” the mayor said. “Members of DC-37 have been heroes in the fight against COVID, and no matter what COVID threw at us, members of DC-37 fought back.”

The Mayor also gave a special thanks to the Mets for letting the city use their stadium for vaccinations.

De Blasio did not take any questions from the press during the event.