Mayoral candidates are reporting gains ahead of a key fundraising deadline that will determine whether campaigns qualify for matching funds — a key injection of cash that could help their chances ahead of the June primary. 

Former nonprofit CEO Dianne Morales, former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, former federal housing secretary Shaun Donovan and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang all said Monday their campaigns were on track to unlock matching funds. 

What You Need To Know

  • Dianne Morales and Maya Wiley both reported qualifying for matching funds

  • The city's Campaign Finance Board will make the final determination

  • Qualifying for matching funds gives candidates an an 8-to-1 match on donations up to $250 from city residents

The final determination will be made by the city's Campaign Finance Board, which will vet the donations and then announce payments next month.

Both Morales and Wiley, who have struggled to unlock matching funds in prior rounds of funding, said they have both met the threshold to qualify.   

According to the Wiley camp, the campaign has secured $1.9 million in matching funds from the January period. In total, Wiley says she's been able to raise nearly $4 million with matching funds.

The Morales campaign is reporting a total of $320,000 in matchable funds, with an average donation of $47 dollars. The Yang campaign said it had raised more than $2.1 million, with $570,000 dollars of that eligible for match funds.

Donovan is reporting more than $2.2 million in donations in total, with $283,000 set to get matching funds. Garcia appears to be coming in last with $590,000 in donations and $324,000 of that eligible for funds.

Meanwhile on the campaign trail, Yang and Garcia joined forces Monday morning morning to announce a new initiative to help small business.

Yang said he was supporting Garicia's proposal to build a universal city permit app for small businesses that would be accessible on a smartphone.

"Even as competitors, we need to come together to do everything we can to support our small businesses," Garcia said.

Qualifying for matching funds gives candidates an an 8-to-1 match on donations up to $250 from city residents, giving campaigns an additional edge to reach voters ahead of the June Democratic primary.