The hits keep coming for the city's restaurants and bars. The incoming snow means much of the city's outdoor dining scene will be benched for Super Bowl Sunday.

What You Need To Know

  • The city has temporarily suspended the popular open streets restaurants program Sunday due to snowstorm

  • Some restaurants on restaurant row say it is not possible to survive on just takeout and delivery

  • Outdoor dining on sidewalks is still allowed, the mayor said in an interview with NY1

Amedeo Agresti, the manager of Tito’s Murphy’s on Restaurant Row in Hell’s Kitchen says he was shoveling lots of snow last Monday, when he witnessed some accidental damage to an outdoor dining structure, as a plow tried to clear the road.

“Some of our neighbors and their structures over here caved in, or pushed into the seating area,” Agresti said. “We don’t want that to happen, especially while someone is sitting there.”

No customers were harmed in that incident and the same should be said for Sunday, as the city temporarily suspended its popular open streets program and all roadway dining due to the snowstorm.

“The roadway portion, the part of the restaurants that's actually in the street, those will be closed because of the plowing,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio, in an interview with NY1 Saturday, “but the parts on the sidewalks will still be open: obviously take-out and delivery: it's Super Bowl Sunday.”

Kevin Yan, the co-owner of Dim Sum Palace on Restaurant Row, says since he won’t be allowed to invite customers to use his heated outdoor structure that rests in the street, and with indoor dining also banned, his Super Bowl plans will likely involve not opening for business.

“The customers, they stay home because it’s too cold and it’s dangerous outside snowing,” Yan said. “The business slow, so we can’t open.”

Despite the setback, Tito’s Murphy’s will be open.

“Super bowl is a great day for certain food groups,” Agresti said. “Unfortunately Mexican is not so popular. We’d love for it to be more popular. We’ll be here all day irrespective of whether we’re allowed to have people here or not.”

Agresti says while a large restaurant like his can’t survive on just takeout and delivery, that’s all he will be offering on Super Bowl Sunday.