Sisters Zoe and Michaela Katz are right at home when it comes to rearranging their client's laundry room.

"We're making this shelf right here. Everything she uses most often, the most accessible," said Zoe Katz, one of the founders of ‘Twice As Organized,’ explaining the rationale behind adding a shelf to her client's laundry room.

"We're two sisters from Manhattan and we love organizing for our friends and family. Then we thought, let's just do this as a business,” said Michaela Katz, Co-Founder of ‘Twice as Organized.’

What You Need To Know

  • Michaela and Zoe Katz started their company "Twice As Organized" because they enjoyed helping friends and family stay neat

  • Their revenue quadrupled during the pandemic

  • Their mission is to help their clients have a happier and healthier life through organization

  • They encourage their clients to create spaces where they can easily access the items in their homes they use the most

Their company called ‘Twice as Organized’ is a very fitting name, as the two of them create strategies so New Yorkers can maintain order in their living spaces.

"Our biggest mission is to help our clients create a happier and healthier life through organization," Zoe said.

With New Yorkers spending more time in their homes due to the coronavirus, business for them has been booming. Their revenue has quadrupled since 2019.

"A lot of our clients are home now with the pandemic and they are seeing spaces they have not dealt with in a while that are really unorganized that are causing them stress. That's why we've gotten so many clients during this time," said Zoe Katz while folding some towels.

They started in client Julie Turkel's laundry room and then headed to her front closet.

"Suddenly our home became not just the place where we come and sleep at night; it's actually where we work. They have school, it has just become everything to us," Turkel said.

Most importantly, they teach their clients how to form good habits after they leave.

"The first step that we do is take all the items out and then we go to the client and say, what items do you want to purge? And then everything they want to keep, we put it back in a functional matter," Michaela said.

"One thing we always want to say especially during this time is be kind to yourself. It's not always going to be perfect and that's OK, you can always re-organize it," Zoe said.

During the last few months, they have also seen many of their clients virtually.

"People were not comfortable with us coming into their homes, so it gave them an option for us to help guide them through the organization," Zoe said.

It’s just another small business that has managed to succeed in the pandemic by bringing order to the homes of New Yorkers, amid the chaos of a pandemic.