The Bronx neighborhood of Woodlawn is just about as close as you can get to Westchester County without leaving the city, which makes it one of the more unlikely COVID-19 hotspots in the five boroughs.

According to city data, 15.56% of the people tested in the 10470 zip code over the seven days through Jan. 2 were positive for the coronavirus — one of the highest rates in the city. 


What You Need To Know

  • The two zip codes covering Hunts Point, Woodlawn and parts of Wakefield, were among the five zip codes with the highest rates in the city

  • 10470, covering Woodlawn and parts of Wakefield, had a 15.56% seven-day positivity rate

  • 10474, Hunts Point, was the neighborhood with the second highest positivity rate in the city, at 15.87%


Residents say they'd like to see more of their neighbors take safety precautions, like wearing masks, socially distancing, and avoiding indoor gatherings.

"Some are very good and then of course, like everywhere else, you get the people, not so careful," said Teresa Connolly.

"A lot of people have been hanging around the bars, so kind of just try to stay away and wear our masks," Amy Hodgins said.

That includes hanging around indoor and outdoors.

"I know a lot of bars are still holding people inside. So, it's been pretty dangerous."

The zip code that covers Woodlawn and parts of Wakefield is the fifth highest rate in the city. There's another Bronx neighborhood in the top five — that is the  zip code covering Hunts Point, which is the second worst in the city.

One possible explanation, says state Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, is that many front line workers live in the Bronx.

"I also think there could be issues of people not wearing their masks," Dinowitz added. "To me, that is the most likely reason why any place would have a high rate. If you don't wear a mask, you shouldn't be out on the street, period."

A pharmacist notices it as well.

"We have people coming into the pharmacy sometimes with no mask on so we have to tell them to put their mask on," said Lisa Gierer.